Gil Morales: Undercut and Rally

Template Description

At our Pacific Northwest Trading Workshop, Gil Morales gave a presentation explaining one of his 'Ugly Duckling' setups called 'Undercut and Rally'. You can view the recording of that session via link below. This template is in response to that presentation to help locate stocks that have undercut prior lows. The template detects 3 categories of prior low, each with a different granularity. Category 1 is a low that has seen a subsequent move up greater than 1%, Category 2 a subsequent 5% move and Category 3 a subsequent 10% move. The report also gives information regarding the 50 SMA so that it is possible to sort and filter stocks in uptrends or downtrends. The default sort for the report is stocks that have undercut at least one of the lows and then sorted by % distance that the stock is above its 50 SMA.

More Info

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