Our mission is to help individuals Succeed at trading.

- Chris White - Founder and CEO - EdgeRater LLC
Chris White, Founder and CEO

Chris White

Founder and CEO

I started EdgeRater LLC in 2007 after leaving my full-time senior software developer position after 5 years at Microsoft.

My goal back then was to produce a piece of software that would help me with my trading and I was convinced by trader friends who saw the prototype to turn it into a real product.

The Original EdgeRater PRO

Originally EdgeRater PRO was purely a backtesting program but with a twist. It allowed you to drag entry and exit criteria into the design area, rank the results and then knit them together into a trade simulation. You could run it on any symbol list and thereby do comparative backtesting that could answer a question like... "What if I purchased the top performing stock of my list at the close of one day and sold at the open of the next?". In order to answer a question like this you need to compare all stocks against each other (so that you can find the best performer), not just use some technical criteria from a single stock to determine the entry. It also provided an easy way to test variations on ideas, for instance with that original ranking what if instead I purchased the stock at the open of the next day and sold it at the close?

By the way, the difference between the results of those two system is striking, with option 1 being a very profitable system and option 2 being very lossy:

EdgeRater PRO Won an Award

The product won an award for software development in 2009 and led me to being interviewed by Mehul Harry of DevExpress at a major conference.

ETF Trading Bandit

After reading a book called 'High Probability ETF Trading' by Larry Connors and Cesar Alvarez I realized that I could easily test the formulas in that book with EdgeRater. I found that both the long and short versions of all 7 of the described strategies were profitable and set about writing a stand-alone program that would provide Buy/Sell/Hold signals based on the exact formulas from the book. I released the ETF Trading Bandit in 2010 using the EdgeRater engine at its core. Of course you still need to purchase the book if you want to know the details of the system, but it provides anyone with a cost-effective way to get the signals for life.

Trading Templates

After that I got back to work on EdgeRater PRO and introduced the idea of trading templates to the program which are speadsheet-like documents (actually they are .xlsx files) that can be run by EdgeRater PRO to produce detailed interactive reports on just about any trading topic. A good example is the Price Predictor template which can take any entry criteria and predict future moves based on analysis of prior moves after that same entry criteria have been met.

To date there are over 80 trading templates that can be run within EdgeRater PRO covering the whole gamut of trading topics including Group Rotation, Scanning, Backtesting, Seasonality and market timing to name a few.

I continue to work on Trading Templates and release new ones based on current trending topics in the trading world , for example an article from Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities magazine.

Customers all over the world

I am proud to say that to date EdgeRater has happy customers from 5 continents (still waiting for Africa and Antarctica). While the majority are from North America there are many from South America, Europe and Autstralia as the program is very applicable to traders in those markets too.


I am a frequent speaker at trading seminars, last year I travelled to 6 different locations to speak and I enjoy meeting the attendees, learning as much as possible and sharing what I know with others.

I hope to see you at one of these events.