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  • Reimagined script designer
  • Reengineered for the latest Windows
  • Faster and more efficient
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A brief
history of EdgeRater

Today Present
EdgeRater PRO 2024

A culmination of years of working with traders. A result of continuous feedback, research, and update of underlying technology to current state of the art. Improved speed and efficiency. New script designer. Ken Long templates released. Subscription or permanent license avaiable. All existing templates included in the software.

October 2022
Dr. Ken Long Collaboration

Started a project developing templates to support the work of Ken Long and AbleWayTech

November 2021
GammaEdge Collaboration

Used the newly available EdgeRater options data to support the work of GammaEdge in backtesting their options strategies. More to come on this.

November 2019
EdgeRater PRO 2020

Major improvements and introduction of options data. Unification of EdgeRater PRO subscription software and Unleashed. Now it's the same code offering either a subscription or a permanent license.

March 2015
Weekend Workshops

Started running twice yearly workshops in Vancover with George Lea. George taught his trading techniques and EdgeRater taught how to use the software to support George's style of trading.

May 2013
EdgeRater PRO Unleashed

A roll-up of all work to date and an option to buy a lifetime license. No login required - software runs without internet.

June 2012
EdgeClub Templates

Delivering a new template every month to be run on the EdgeRater PRO platform. Monthly subscription.

March 2009
Our vision of a better way

EdgeRater PRO backtesting software introduced. Main distinguishing features included a new visual way to analyze and test trading strategies. Integration with HGSI data. EdgeRater and HGSI partnership started, working closely with Ron Brown and Ian Woodward and twice yearly presentations at the HGSI investing seminar.



Featured client
First, I want to say EdgeRater PRO is one of the best written software programs that I have seen in a very long time for usability, speed and functionality. I don’t say that lightly because I am an Excel Super User who has connected many simultaneous sources with terabytes of data to Excel interconnected with VB and VBA. And I have managed many other programmers on multiple projects. EdgeRater is really well done!
Featured client
We've been working with EdgeRater since November 2021 and are collaborating on quantifying the available trading edge using underlying stock and option Greeks. The EdgeRater product has been instrumental in our strategy development and the robust capabilities, which include money management, Monte Carlo, and the ability to create complex testing scripts, are unsurpassed in the industry. We value highly the product, the capabilities, and our GammaEdge / EdgeRater collaboration.
Featured client
I've used EdgeRater PRO for 3 years now, and I feel it puts me on a level with professional traders. My particular interest is backtesting. If you have done it - you realize how difficult it can be. Not so here. Pick a list of stocks, set whatever dates you want and hit go. You can easily see if the MACD tops or bottoms really work... or if the 8 & 21 EMA cross means anything and how often and with which stocks, ETFs, etc. Or you can program your own indicators.
I'm only a customer - but I believe in giving credit where it's due. This is a wonderful software program.
Featured client
All of my sucessful trading only was possible due to this excellent software that you have produced.
Featured client
I have been with EdgeRater for several months now and I wanted to let you know that this has to be one of the absolute best programs I have ever owned! In hindsight I waited a couple of months before buying it and to not have done so would have been a huge mistake. The monthly updates are amazing. The resources that the program provides are unmatched. I would consider it a MUST OWN for any trader and can't even imagine why the institutional managers wouldn't add it without thought - other than it would replace about 10 of their quants. Thank you for all that you do. You've made a difference in this traders life!

Frequently Asked Questions

Join us for our 4 part series of introductory webinars and recordings to get started in the most efficient way. During webinars you can ask questions. Use the recordings to review at your own pace. Sign up for the webinar series here
The trial is a fully functional 14 day trial. The features and data available during the trial period are the same as in the full PRO version.
After the trial period is over you have the option to purchase a full PRO license to continue using the program or do nothing and access to the software will automatically end. A full PRO license could be either a lifetime license or a monthly subscription license.
No. The trial is completely free and no payment information is needed.
No. If you purchase a full PRO license your account will be updated to reflect that. When you use your credentials to log into the program it will pick up your new license.
Good news! You have a free upgrade to EdgeRater PRO 2024. Just uninstall 2020 and install 2024. Your existing username/password or serial key will work with the new version. Join us for the 4-part webinar series
EdgeRater PRO 2024 has been reengineered to run on the latest Microsoft operating systems. It runs on .NET 7 which is supported by Windows 8 through 11 (Windows 7 is no longer supported by Microsoft and is not supported by EdgeRater PRO 2024). Mac users can run EdgeRater PRO 2024 under virtualization software such as Parallels Desktop or VMware Fusion.
The introductory offer will end soon but we will honor that offer for all trial users who started the trial during the offer period.

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