Dave McMullen's 8/20 Cross with upcoming seasonal probability

Template Description

Dave McMullen (Expert trader) looks for stocks where the 8 period EMA is crossing over the 20 period SMA that also have upcoming seasonal probability. Stocks cannot make a sustained move without the 8/20 crossover and so this report highlights all stocks that are at that point. The report also gives the seasonal average % gain, number of winning years and number of losing years for several upcoming time frames.

The 8/20 cross helps to narrow down the list of stocks to look at, you may only have a handful of stocks that are at that point. Combine this with the expected seasonal move and you are down to a very short list of trade candidates.

Dave McMullen uses the 8 and 20 moving averages but if you have a preferred moving average periods you can use those instead.

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  • Release DateApril 2016
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