Super Trend-Type of Indicator for EdgeRater

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Super Trend-Type of Indicator for EdgeRater

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If you can, please try the following script lines. It is not a Super Trend Indicator but very similar in function. It is ultra simple by using a RSI as its decision maker. It can also be useful as part of a scan.

If you do get a chance to try this out, please give me some feed back on this and let me know what you think.


Trend : valuewhen(close, cross(rsi(close,10),40) | cross(60,rsi(close,10))),colorBlue,width2;
DRAWSHAPE((high+close)/2>trend, trend,1,true,0,'square',.55,'red', 'red');
DRAWSHAPE((ref(high,1)+ref(low,1))/2<ref(trend,1) & close>trend, trend, 1, true, 0, 'DIAMONDVERTICAL', .9, 'blue','blue');
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